Uptime is a European management owned group of IT companies, with offices in Sweden, Norway, Estonia and Switzerland.
We solve business needs by offering full scope of IT services, including Software Development, SharePoint Solutions, Search/Big Data Solutions and ICT Maintenance services.

Our mission is to make IT work for our customer

Uptime is a management-owned independent IT company founded in 1992. We focus on solving business needs and offer full scope of IT-services, including Search and Big Data solutions, Software Development, SharePoint Solutions and ICT Maintenance Services. Uptime today employs over 100 top specialists with high cross-industry competence. Our offices are in Estonia, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland. We create tailor-made IT solutions based on the customer´s individuality, which enables to bring maximum results. Our customer base is widely ranging. We are IT partners to small enterprises as well as industry leaders from Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Latvia, Finland, Denmark etc.
We have created subscription management systems for leading publishing houses,

document management and collaboration solutions for government divisions and hospitals, offer full IT management for noted international companies and much more. Uptime is known to be a valuable business partner whose IT-solutions help companies raise their work efficiency and profitability. We focus on business requirements and see long experience and extensive knowledge of different industries as our competitive advantage. Our services cover full lifecycle of the software from analysis to support, to providing comprehensive infrastructure management. Our quality control and -guidance system is certified in accordance to ISO 9001:2008 requirements. We are proud to admit that our very first customers are continuously with us after 25 years.

Long time business partnership is the key to our customers success

Our customer relationships are built on partnership and sharing knowledge. We believe this is the key to mutual benefit - getting to know our customer and learning their business gives us the best chance to offer technical expertise that truly works. For the customer, it brings security of knowing their IT partner is focused on their benefit.

  • Very high customer satisfaction

    Uptime is recognized for the effective production process, excellence in communication and customer focus as well as high flexibility in resources allocation. Since we value long-term business relationship, our number one goal is customer satisfaction. This has always been our most important KPI and we feel confident to say our customers are happy.

  • Industry Competence

    We have high competence in all main industry sectors. Our specialists focus on solving customer´s business issues instead of only the technical aspects of the solution. We value having experts in our team who have specialised in specific industries and domains, however keeping the flexibility and constantly learning new things.

  • Experience

    In life, source of the problem usually cannot be easily isolated or classified. It is mostly a combination of smaller issues, related to each other, and in order to find the best solution, a broader view is needed. We do not concentrate on a single problem at a time - years of experience enables us to have a broader look and find solutions to even the most complex business issues.

  • Covering the whole life cycle

    We do not only write the code, we care what happens after the implementation. Our services cover the whole life cycle of IT systems, making us able to take full responsibility of the development, maintenance and user support. We let our client focus on their core business and handle all IT questions ourselves.

  • Software development ideology

    We know every customer is different and has unique needs for their solution. So we first learn their business model, ascertain their needs, form the dedicated team with necessary expertise and choose the procedures and metrics to best support development process of the chosen solution. Our development procedures are agile, structured and based on the customer specifics.

Uptime's way of doing business

We value long-term cooperation, which ensures a better understanding of the customer’s needs and a better ability to respond to them. We believe that foundation of a successful cooperation lies in constant communication and sharing knowledge.

Our people and their satisfaction are of essential value to us, which is why we keep investing in training and individual development and support the growth of our employees in every way. In our daily activities we cherish the following:


We are honest with our customers and employees. We believe that honesty and integrity are the best policies in all relationships.


We provide service to our customers with commitment and expertise.


We aim at advancement and are constantly on the lookout for new challenges. We promote personal advancement among our employees.


Our business relations are based on win–win strategy, because we believe that only mutual benefit grants long-term success.

Competence with a deep industry-specific business knowledge

We provide tailor-made solutions based on the customer´s specifics. We focus on business competences and see long experience and comprehensive knowledge of different business areas as our main competitive advantage.


We let our client focus on their core business and handle all IT questions ourselves. We provide:

  • Software development, application maintenance and systems support (tailor-made and customer-specific special solutions)

  • Search and Big Data solutions (business intelligence solutions based on search technology)

  • Collaboration and document management systems (solutions and custom developments based on Microsoft SharePoint)

  • Cloud solutions and migration (custom solutions based on Microsoft Office 365 and Azure; migration of business critical legacy software)

  • IT-outsource services (systems architecture, development and maintenance, solutions implementation and administration)

Technical expertise

Our experienced and strong team is able to use many different platforms according to customer’s needs.

We are mainly focused on the following platforms:

  • Microsoft SQL/.NET Winforms/ASP.NET/SharePoint

  • Oracle/J2EE/Delphi/Apex

  • PostgreSQL/PHP

Uptime has a long-time Microsoft SharePoint development competence and have been certified as Microsoft Gold Partner since 2006.

We provide full maintenance service to most of our development projects, because the best solution for our customers is the coverage of the whole software lifecycle.
Thus, the best performance of a software development project is secured.


Our customers consider us as their IT partner and many of them have been with us since the beginning, for 25 years. Some of our customer references are following:

  • Sales, logistics and subscription management

    Advertisement sales and telemarketing solutions for business newsletter Äripäev (part of Bonnier Group)

  • Internet self-service and resource management

    Solution for Elisa, the second largest telecom service provider in Estonia and Finland.

  • Document management and internet self-service

    Solutions for Swedbank; Nordea and other leading banking groups in Scandinavia

  • Human resource and time management, CRM systems, sales and project management

    Solutions for service sector leaders such as G4S; ABB; ViaHansa; Motor Group etc.

  • Registers management, document management

    Solutions and integration between different organizations of the public administration sector such as Ministries of Justice, Finance, Social Affairs and Agriculture, State Chancellery, Police and Border Guard Board etc.

Our team also supports several customers and partners in Sweden. Please feel free to ask details about those references.

Contacts in Sweden

Please contact our local representative to discuss about the cooperation possibilities.